What Is Better Ceramic Coating Or Paint Protection Film

What Is Better Ceramic Coating Or Paint Protection Film

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In a nutshell paint protection films are thicker than ceramic coatings because they are a type of vinyl film. And in a world full of hazards from bird droppings to salt to rock hits you want a solution that works is easy to install and won t cost an arm and a leg.

Ceramic Coating Vs On Top Of Paint Protection Film Ppf Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Auto Body Work

Despite these similarities paint protection films and ceramic coatings do have significant differences and serve different purposes.

What is better ceramic coating or paint protection film. What s best paint protection film or ceramic coating. On the other hand if you fear small scratches swirl marks and hard water spots then paint protection films are your first choice. A dditionally ppf has self healing properties that protects your paint from rock chips contaminants and scratches as scars will dissipate over time with heat.

Here s a summary of its benefits. A ceramic coating also adds an incredible amount of gloss and sheen to your vehicle that surpasses any other kind of topcoat. Ceramic coating or paint protection film if you own a car it s only natural to want to protect its appearance for as long as possible.

Ceramic coating prevents your paintwork from fading because of oxidation. Ceramic pro 9h nano ceramic coating can be applied on top of a paint protection film like kavaca. Also they are capable of creating a hydrophobic surface which is quite beneficial for your car.

Moreover paint protection film has a chemical composition that allows it to self heal. Ppf though costing slightly more than ceramic coating is a military grade film that greatly enhances your vehicle s resistance to foreign objects something ceramic coating is not capable of. Ceramic coatings are a much more permanent solution.

They offer self healing properties that erase scratches other marks. Ceramic coating vs paint protection. That is it returns to its original form after receiving an indentation or abrasion.

If you are someone who is more into creating a gloss on the exterior of the car then you must opt for ceramic coating. Paint protection film may also dull the glossiness of your car slightly while a ceramic coating will enhance it. December 20 2020.

Upon reading our first few paragraphs you might think that ceramic coating and paint protection is almost the same. Well to be honest if you re looking for the best solution both would be the definitive shield of protection. Paint protection film is thicker than ceramic coatings.

Both ppfs and ceramic coatings offer different protective properties and are able keep your car looking swanky and shiny for longer. Paint protection film which option is best for you.

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