Wax Car Before Ceramic Coating

Wax Car Before Ceramic Coating

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This is due to the small peaks and valleys that are common with clear coated vehicles. Ceramic coatings are put to prevent a vehicle from contaminants debris and many other problems.

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The coating bonds with the paint of a car providing a thin layer of protection.

Wax car before ceramic coating. Here at torque detail we recommend applying an even coat of wax monthly for cars that are driven a normal amount and are parked under shade or inside a garage most of the time. It does not create the chemical bond like we find with ceramic coatings. How difficult is it to apply wax to a ceramic coating.

You should not apply wax before ceramic coating. Car wax and ceramic coating s longevity depends on unique factors such as how often you drive where you park your car and other variables that affect your car s paint and clear coat. Wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint s surface.

Ceramic coating performs best when applied to the clean paintwork of a car. One of the most rational reasons why you should go for ceramic coating for your car instead of car waxing is that ceramic coating gives you 10x better protection than car wax. Using coupon code discount code teamtorque to get 20 off when buying ceramic coating car wax spray or any product on torque detail.

How should you apply wax. For that you need to wax before ceramic coating. Furthermore the ceramic coating has the liquid polymer that indulges with the car paint to provide your car with an unprecedented and long lasting shine.

On a scale from one being simple to 10 being difficult applying wax to a ceramic coating is about a five. Why is it important to prep a car before coating. By nature automotive wax best adheres to imperfect surfaces like a clear coat for example.

Any dirt grime or temporary lsp such as wax will only limit the longevity and effectiveness of the coating. Ceramic protectants coatings provide a much higher durability than wax. They resist heat uv rays environmental contaminants harsh detergents much better than wax.

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