The New “Holy Toledo” Surf Skate by SmoothStar

The New “Holy Toledo” Surf Skate by SmoothStar

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Introducing the new 33 inch holy Toledo from Smith star the revolutionary skateboard for surfers. The 33 inch is the signature model of surfing superstar philippe two-letter. The holy Toledo was designed with Philippe and smooth star designers, combining the best features of other smooth star models into one high-performance surf trainer. The result is more speed and drive, but still the critical. Turning just like your favorite short board, the holy Toledo has a rounded square tail with a slight concave to lock in your back foot.

For extra control through turns the deck is wider than other models: 26 centimeters from rail to rail. The extra width helps, control, carving and easier transitions through tighter turns the deck is a single concave taken off the popular 32 inch flying fish model. The concave gradient is ideal for drawing out the deepest bottom turns without losing flow and control. With a wheelbase of 54 centimeters, the board has excellent Drive with added carving ability for holy Toledo, graphics, influenced by Philippe incorporating stoke green eyes, and the Toledo family signature forearm tattoo on the deck you’ll see his trademark aerial assault. The holy Toledo is fitted with the pavement smooth staff thrust, the system, making a turn and carve just like your surfing.

The wheels are six point: two centimeters by four point: five centimeter stingrays stopped enough for tight turns but hard enough for alley. This is a high-performance surf skate that can be used by all serving levels from basic carving on flats to critical surf moves like aerials and tail releases surfing on land with smooth star just got even better. You

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