Tell Me About Yourself – A Good Answer to This Interview Question

-Hey, this is Linda Raynier from Career, strategist, speaker and coach. In this article. I will teach you three tricks To answer. “. Please introduce yourself .” The right way for such interview Questions, so you can Stand out in front of hiring managers, Ideally get more job opportunities. Before we start, you need to Know some basic rules to get The perfect answer to this question. Rule one dont talk about you, Personal or family life,

When someone asks you to introduce yourself, They didn’t actually ask you to tell them Your personal life choices and from which Learned mistakes or how you got to this stage. They don’t actually ask you to tell them about yourself. They are actually asking you to tell them Your qualifications experience, and Why do you fit this role? Well, That’s it! They just want to know your Professional background and experience.

Rule two make a story: ...

Even if i said you shouldn’t tell them Your life story, you want to tell them The story of your professional work. I will introduce this in detail later, But basically, a good professional job story Means it needs to be attractive, Striking, clear and complete. So now that we have the basic rules, Let’s continue to discuss our four main techniques About how to answer self introduction interview Questions. Okay, let’s start with the first tip Tip one is to give a brief introduction to the work history.

So this means you have to go back in time, The earliest professional job you ever had. You will start your story from there, So you basically have to describe what company you are in Worked when you were in that position. What title do you have and How long have you been in that position and, most importantly, What are your main responsibilities in that position? For example, you started five years ago Your career as a financial analyst. Well, let’s do this. We use another accounting example. You started as a financial analyst five years ago, Then you get promoted to senior financial analyst. Now you are the financial manager

When you tell your story, you have to start explaining Role as a financial analyst And what would you say like My career started as a financial analyst five years ago? I did it in XYZ company A whole cycle of accounting responsibilities, month-end settlement procedures And assist in budgeting. There are also monthly forecasts, So now you have to provide for each position All do such things.

You are actually holding it for you now. Every position of the current position Introduce mini work, Tip two direct, your small story to an achievement.

So before you tell the employer about Your company, The title you hold the number of years, you have been there And your main responsibilities in that position. You will describe your role in this role, A major achievement that can be achieved. In my previous article, I explained A lot about what achievement is resume hacking, How to make your resume stand out in the link below, But at the same time I will explain it here. Your achievement is at any time, Save time save money, improve processes Increase profitability. I mean any Something that can be quantified: Ideal, quantifiable result For your company or department.

So, to add to our example, you would say A major achievement. I am most proud of in this role. I reduced the time spent Develop the Excel model on the month-end program, Automate a major accounting process. This resulted in monthly savings About a day.

So you have to do these two tips And combined with the first prompt For every position you hold Now prompt third, tell the employer Your knowledge of this role. Once you finish the whole story, You tell the employer your main role And your achievements. It’S time to admit it to the employer. You know the demand for this particular position. They are hiring So continuing our example. You would say I understand that for this position of financial manager, You are hiring. You are looking for People with strong process, improvement, skills,

Why it’s so important, So many people don’t do it, Because its psychological effect is that it tells Employer. You not only know your abilities And achievement, and you also understand your needs And what they are looking for, And when can I say something simple. Just simply admit that I know You know this role requires process, improvement, skills And ability. It is establishing contact with employers.

You are no longer just talking to them; You are talking to them. Finally, to the fourth tip, Tell the employer why you are doing this Suitable to do what they need. This is the icing on the cake. It is the top cherry. This is the only thing. Many people They didnt, even bother to say things when they answered When they answer this or many other interview, questions Just tell the employer Literally scoop them, maybe even brainwash them. Let them understand why you are unique And it fits this position perfectly So adding our example. Above, can you say In general, due to my strong background and achievements In terms of successfully identifying gaps and improving efficiency, I believe I can cope successfully. You are hiring for this position.

You need to tell the employer, Why are you suitable for this job? If you don’t end it this way, This will end in a flat way. You will not have the best response. This sounds like the reaction of others, But in this case you are very clear. Dont even ask them about your specific situation, Why you are suitable? You really just feed the answer to them And tell them that I am suitable. This role is, above all else,

So now you know how to deal with the toughest one interview Questions, but you know if your resume Prominent enough, you can even First is the interview, If not then download my Free copies of 10 ultimate resume hacks cheat sheets Located below

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