Powder Coating Aluminum Intake

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Powder coating can be removed from steel parts by sandblasting. The reason i want to powder coat the intake is to keep it looking nice.

A Powder Coated High Rise Aluminum Intake Manifold See Our Full Gallery Of Coated Intakes Here Http Boneheadperforma Powder Coating Toy Car Car Accessories

Trying to prevent oxidation on a new intake by putting a few layers of clear coat enamel on it.

Powder coating aluminum intake. This quite often can cause issues like poor atomization which can lean out cylinders and or vapor lock. I wouldn t do it. Heat test between a bare aluminum and powder coated intake heat can and will affect performance.

This is another how to video on powder coat this time restoring two intake manifolds from a boat fire this is the link to the powder coat article on my web. I would prefer a coating that would give a sheen to the slightly stained bead blasted surface that looks like new aluminum. The coating will have a tendency to create a small amount of boundary layer turbulence which will reduce fuel drop out.

Would it cause it to retain heat. Powder coating intakes are done all the time by a lot of guys. 13th part of the oldsmobile 455 marine engine build.

I ve coated so many intakes for so many people now i can t even remember just how many. A single coating that we recommend would be our dry film. I am inquiring about the best type of coating for a vintage aluminum intake manifold.

You should find jasco strippers in almost every hardware store in the usa. Powder coating parts of your engine not only looks great it s also way more more durable than paint. Are powdercoating or ceramic coating preferred for this type of application.

Said it would remove it if i didn t like it but i would be skeptical dunking my nice new aluminum intake in it my choice would be to sand blast it. A local powdercoater recommended jasco paint and epoxy remover after saying they had two sandblasters one wouldn t touch the coating and the other was so big it might destroy this aluminum intake manifold. I am willing to ship the.

68 camaro 4 spd dana 60 410 s mike lewis 427 650 hp 575tq est afr 265 s cnc d. Guys that don t realize that a powder coated intake doesn t dissipate heat as well as one that is not powder coated. These are known as fluid retaining coatings and the fuel air mix as it passes through an intake manifold on a carbureted engine is treated like a fluid in motion.

The intake manifold is one the first things you eye catches when you open the hood. You need heat but to much or it will rob you of performance.


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