Ceramic Coating Safe Car Wash Soap

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Ceramic pro care is a water based easy to use coating enhancement that is designed to be user friendly that anybody can use to protect their own ceramic coating. Having a high quality paint protection solution like ceramic pro 9h nano ceramic coating or kavaca paint protection film is a great way of keeping your vehicle surface clean free of damage and in original factory condition.

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Adam s car shampoo amazon is a very common car.

Ceramic coating safe car wash soap. To help avoid this using a car shampoo for ceramic coatings that have high suds producing qualities. This soap is the absolute definition of pure as it contains no silicone sodium lauryl sulfate waxes polymers or any other additives making shift simply perfect for washing vehicles protected with ceramic coatings or vehicles with matte paint. These high quality materials can be applied to car s paint headlight covers and in the case of ceramic coatings.

Once your car is clean smooth and shiny and that ceramic pro 9h coating is fully cured the time to protect it is right. Griot s garage car wash amazon is my personal favorite if i m going to use a normal soap with a 2 bucket wash. 4 tips for using ceramic coating car wash shampoos.

It s cheap and easy to find. Protect your ceramic coated car with ceramic pro care. It s also gentle enough to avoid stripping any wax from your car so it s certainly safe to use on your ceramic coating.

The extra thick suds serve as a lubricant helping to glide the soap and wash mitt over the surface remove more dirt and debris and ensure a great car wash. Regardless of what brand ceramic coating is on your vehicle you can be confident shift will.


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