Process Of Ceramic Coating

Process Of Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic x3 is a three step ceramic infused process applied after surface contaminants have been removed in the wash prime and rinse steps. The layering process provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and self cleaning properties that turn the car s exterior into a virtually impermeable surface with a longer lasting shine.

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This is carried out to ensure there are no impurities on the paintwork which will prevent a proper bond between the coating and the surface of the paint.

Process of ceramic coating. Abdel salam hamdy makhlouf hanaa soliman in handbook of nanoceramic and nanocomposite coatings and materials 2015. The detonation gun process is extremely effective for particular ceramic materials like tungsten carbide that is required for producing highly dense coatings for a metal surface. Novel ceramic coatings were formed on rare earth containing magnesium alloy ams4429 substrates using the mao process in alkaline solution in the presence of nano additive naf or al 2 o 3 the coating composition is mainly a crystal phase of the mgo.

To begin the decontamination process i snow foamed my car using carpro snow soap. The preparatory phases of cleaning roughening and undercoating or priming greatly influence the success of the project. The ceramic coating is applied by a sol gel process.

Ceramic coating processes applying a ceramic coating to a substrate is multi stage process. Preparing a car for ceramic coating involves full decontamination of the paintwork. This process creates an explosion of oxygen and acetylene gas at nearly 6 000 degrees fahrenheit melting the ceramic and firing it at high speeds towards the target substrate.

Two kinds of hydrophobic organic compounds make a chemical bond with the silica ceramic network or matrix and exist in the ceramic structure at a stable state.

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