Preparing Your Car For Ceramic Coating

Clean slate isn t just wax free it will also strip away any remaining sealants waxes or glazes. A ceramic coating is a product that infuses to the clear coat of your vehicle.

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To get the best performance possible the manufacturer has to focus the recipe on the surface it will be applied upon.

Preparing your car for ceramic coating. You need to prep your car to ensure that it has a straight surface. Above surface contaminants can consist of rail dust bugs industrial fallout airborne pollution and paint overspray. Ceramic coating a vehicle is a tedious job especially if you are a beginner.

Using the ceramic coat kit s applicator cloth and sponge wrap the sponge with the cloth as directed. This is the primary reason why prepping the vehicle surface before installing is so crucial. Caliber silica primer polish is the perfect final step prior to coating a vehicle.

When you prep a car before coating you can ensure a shinier finish with no small defaults that can catch anyone s eyes. Dab the applicator cloth with the ceramic coating compound as directed. The surface difference between paint plastic and glass.

Preparing a car for ceramic coating the first step in the whole process will require you to remove above surface contaminants. Why it s important to prep your car prior to applying a ceramic coating. This is carried out to ensure there are no impurities on the paintwork which will prevent a proper bond between the coating and the surface of the paint.

Preparing a car for ceramic coating involves full decontamination of the paintwork. Ceramic coatings are tricky to create. If the car is not prepped properly this can cause issues with the coating.

Learn how clay bar detailing will enhance the effects of ceramic coating your car. Once you have followed the above listed steps properly you can guarantee a professional car. In this video nexgen ceo michael cantrell walks you through the steps of.

There might be cured bits in the cap from a used bottle this is normal. Some manufacturer actually make special products that help to prepare. Only once the surface is residue free will your ceramic coating be able to properly bond to your paintwork.

When they are defaults after ceramic coating you have to put your attention to it again to get it fixed. Everyone wants to preservice the car s showroom shine forever and this is where car ceramic coatings play an important role. We recommend a wax free gloss free soap like clean slate.

To begin the decontamination process i snow foamed my car using carpro snow soap. The ceramic product hardens into a very hard slightly glass like residue. Use good quality ceramic coatings to protect your car exterior and interior.

Start off by properly washing your vehicle. Instruction to prep your car before coating. When the clear coat is free of debris contaminants and other stuff the product will adhere better.

You have a couple of options to remove above surface contaminants. Caliber is designed specifically for paint correction on a vehicle that is about to be coated.

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