Ppf Coating Vs Ceramic Coating

Ppf Coating Vs Ceramic Coating

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In a nutshell paint protection films are thicker than ceramic coatings because they are a type of vinyl film. Ppf can come in matte ceramic coating provides an unmatched enhancement to gloss.

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Firstly paint protection film is much thicker than ceramic coating.

Ppf coating vs ceramic coating. The leading source of this is uv light chemicals and acids. Ppf absorbs scratches and actually self heals. Unlike ceramic coating which involves a liquid rubbed across the entire length of the car ppf involves wrapping the car with a specially made film.

Ppf can also self heal ceramic coating does not have this ability therefore not eliminating the risk of scratches chips or water spots. They offer self healing properties that erase scratches other marks. That is it returns to its original form after receiving an indentation or abrasion.

Not really a saran wrap but you get the gist. Expensive though less expensive than ppf. Ceramic or ppf will only look as good as the quality of finish it covers.

Durability is moderate the life of ceramic coating is less than ppf. A ceramic coating makes your car easier to clean and hydrophobic but it wont protect as well as ppf against road debris. Ppf and ceramic coatings work together.

There are several levels of paint protection film or ppf. Ppf is 8mil or 8 thousandths of an inch whereas ceramic coating is about 10 20 microns thick aka under paper thin. Paint protection film involves covering the entire length of the car with a saran wrap.

Any form of paint protection is only a coating over what is underneath. Paint protection film is thicker than ceramic coatings. Ideally you will install ppf on the areas prone to rock chip damage and then install a ceramic coating over the top of the ppf and on the rest of the vehicle.

Moreover paint protection film has a chemical composition that allows it to self heal. A ppf is made from a durable material thermoplastic urethane that is resistant to these harmful contaminants and can hold its integrity for up to 10 years. Likewise the ceramic automotive paint protection coating is made up of sio2 or silica dioxide.

Ppf and ceramic coatings work together for optimal protection. Paint protection film can be installed on just high scratch areas the full vehicle or even as a partial clear bra installation. Durability is high ppf has a long life as compared to ceramic coating.

Looks can be different. The biggest benefits that clear bra has over ceramic coatings are that ppf will prevent damage from flying debris and rocks and clear bra in most cases has a self healing top coat so minor scratching and marring will heal over time or by adding heat. Before either process can be applied there s some prep work to be done the aim of which is to make the surface being covered as cosmetically blemish free as possible.

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