Powder Coating Time Temperature

Powder Coating Time Temperature

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Two key factors to consider at when curing powder coating are. What temperature does paint cure at.

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Determining the correct temperature and time to cure your powder coating.

Powder coating time temperature. The exact temperature and the length of time required to cure can vary depending on the manufacturer s specifications. A cured thermoset powder coating will not re melt upon further heating. To ensure proper time and temperature it is often best to test using a datapaq or similar device to provide actual performance data.

Cooling the oven before putting a load of parts in lengthens the total cycle time without adding any benefit other than the operator does not have to get close to high heat. Temperature side for example for powder coatings com mercially curable between 280 f 390 f 138 c 199 c must be regarded as raw approximations only and sub ject to verification through line trials. The time temperature requirements of a particular powder material must be achieved to obtain a full cure.

Most powder coatings have a particle size in the range of 2 to 50 μ microns a softening temperature tg around 80 c a melting temperature around 150 c and are cured at around 200 c. Table 2 cure times in 10 f intervals for a polyurethane and a tgic powder coating temperature polyurethane cure time tgic cure time. For minimum 10 minutes to 15 minutes exact temperatures and times may depend on the thickness of the item being coated.

The manufacturer of the powder coat has specifications for curing time and temperature as well. Powder coating generally cures at 350 f to 450 f 184 f to 240 c. 1 the temperature of your oven and product and 2 how long to let the part cure.

Determination of gel time of thermosetting coating powder at a given temperature inclined plate flow inclined plane flow or hot plate melt flow how well the powder melts and flows out on the substrate is a very important aspect for the final coating step in coating formation. Most powder coatings like thermoset powders normally cure at temperatures of 200 c 390 f for 10 to 15 minutes before being set aside to cool. Higher temperatures can be utilized to shorten curing time but generally do not go above 500 f.

The tech sheet for the powder coating calls for a typical cure of 15 min at 275 f. The combination of time and temperature is referred to as a cure schedule. Iso 8130 6 1992 coating powders part 6.

Understanding these factors will ensure that your finish is durable and your powder coating color turns out as you expected. When the substrate reaches full temperature it will conduct heat into the coating and the powder will begin to cure. Higher temperatures reduce the time required in the oven so both time and temperature have to be considered.

I need to pre condition the part at the curing temperature for the expected curing time to ensure the adhesive is exposed to what it could see in processing. Industrial enamels typically require 10 to 30 minutes to cure at 250 f to 400 f 121 c to 204 c. The curing temperature for powder is generally 375 425 fahrenheit.

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