Powder Coating Removal Dustless Blasting

Powder Coating Removal Dustless Blasting

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Marine maintenance without the dust plume. Dustless blasting delivers water and abrasive together to suppress dust and remove even tough coatings like multi layered powder coating.

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Dustless blasting however is vastly quicker and more efficient thanks to its unique abrasive and power adjustment.

Powder coating removal dustless blasting. Note the snow on the ground the contractor chose to blast dry in these conditions. We use dustless blasting technology to provide you with the fastest cleanest and greenest method for surface preparation. This allows it to flake off as opposed to getting gooey like it does with the heat generated from dry blasting.

Faster than dry blasting water cools the powder coat making it brittle. Sand blasting takes about 30 seconds for every square inch of powder coating removal. Our mobile dustless blasting machines are also capable of dry blasting which may be necessary when the weather is freezing or below freezing.

It involves no toxic chemicals and uses 100 eco friendly recycled glass abrasive. The easiest quickest and safest way to remove powder coating. Strip failing powder coating from wheels.

Put on safety glasses and ear plugs. Traditional sandblasting can be a slow process for powder coating removal and is not always favored. The water in the dustless blasting process cools the powder coat making it brittle which allows it to erode away quickly.

League city texas 281 414 8617 info. The water also cools the powder coat making it brittle. Unlike chemical stripping blasting leaves an anchor profile for the new coating to adhere to.

Because the dustless blasting process introduces water it increases the mass and energy that the machine is putting out making it dramatically faster than dry blasting.

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