Powder Coating Plastic Car Parts

Powder Coating Plastic Car Parts

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Our exclusive classickote process allows us to powder coat glass reinforced nylon and heat tolerant plastic parts. Powder coating plastics classickote is a proprietary powder coating technique developed by wright to successfully coat non conductive nylon reinforced plastic with decorative and protective color and clear powder coatings.

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In some cases a polymer can have the deflection temperature raised by adding glass fiber and become better suited for powder coating cure.

Powder coating plastic car parts. These are not ideal conditions but the only way to do it when dealing with these types of materials. Prepping the parts being coated. How is powder coating applied.

Our ability to support these industries is demonstrated through our iso 9001 iatf 16949 approvals through lloyds register of quality assurance lrqa. Powder coating is one of the most advanced coating processes available and offers a long land durable finish. One of our commonly produced items we recommend plastic dip coating to give a smooth thick coating that will protect your product and give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Heat considerations perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to powder coating objects is a particular object s ability to withstand the heat needed to get the job done. Powder coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products. Wire products wire and mesh products are usually coated in plastic dip finishes which allow any for minor flaws and sharper edges to be covered giving an end product which is both good to look at and warm to touch.

Plastic coatings ltd are the powder coater of choice into a range of industries and markets including automotive aerospace domestic medical construction. Applying the powder coating via an electrostatic charge. The process of powder coating services to automotive parts follows four general steps.

This is great when you are trying to make a switch from metal to plastic parts because it helps to create product harmony. One option is the use of low bake powder materials. The dry powder coating process involves electro statically charged that are sprayed onto a electrically grounded surface.

It offers all the same benefits that regular powder coating offers except you may use it for your plastic parts. Choosing the right powder coating. The way to coat non conductive parts like plastic glass composites mdf is to heat them up before applying the powder.

Picking the right powder coating material. The part will melt on contact with the part and stick. Here s an overview of why powder coating in washington doesn t usually work for plastic and other materials aside from metal.

Powders can be formulated to cure between 250 and 325 f depending on the particular chemistry. Our classickote process provides all of the benefits of traditional powder coating plus additional advantages unique to. A plastic or material that has a high enough deflection temperature can be cured in either infrared ovens or convection ovens.

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