Powder Coating Over Jb Weld

Powder Coating Over Jb Weld

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What i would be worried about is gassing from the jb weld. I ve worked for several coating companies and dealt with coating system development.

Jb Weld Metal Filler

Depending on the powder you may actually get a chemical bond between the jb and the powder.

Powder coating over jb weld. Am i likely to have any problems. I thinking that jb weld will be just a robust to appropriate media blasting and heating as the metal of the bumper. If i were going to powder coat something with jb weld i would preheat the part then spray and post bake to cure.

If this is your first visit. Although jb will work it looks kinda shitty and is way harder to work with getting the finish product to look right. Discussion starter 1 jun 1 2006.

Joined oct 16 2005 165 posts. Jb weld and powder coating. Jb weld is a heavy duty steel reinforced epoxy which can be used to smooth metal imperfections in jobs before powder coat is laid down.

Powdercoating over jb weld. So i was goign to take it back to him and ask him to do it again and hit it with everythign he usually does vigorous blasting and full temp powder coating. Obviously a do over is required.

The place that will be powder coating my tins has told me that they use jb weld as a body filler. Jump to latest follow 1 5 of 5 posts. As jb weld can be drilled sanded filed tapped machined and powder coated it makes it perfect for minor repairs on wheels or metal mechanical components that need an even surface.

I have used both lab metal and metal2metal and both work great for powder coating.

Powdercoating Over Jb Weld Do The Ton

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