Powder Coating For Exhaust

Powder Coating For Exhaust

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Ceramic primer 1. Ceramic coating is an excellent thermal barrier.

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Chrome ceramic 1 quart 99 00.

Powder coating for exhaust. This coating protects against thermal fatigue rust corrosion oxidation and metal fatigue on components in the harshest conditions. Ceramic coatings are typically used on exhaust components to reduce temperatures and increasing horsepower gains up to 3. There are several reasons to get your exhaust systems or headers ceramic coated.

1 shot black gloss ceramic 1 quart 120 00. These coatings prevent corrosion increase durability and provide thermal insulation. Colorguard shiney aluminum ceramic 120 00.

4 day advanced powder coating. Due to its unique ceramic nature the coating also functions as a very effective thermal barrier with reduced thermal radiation characteristics. This coating can withstand over 1200 to 1800 degrees fahrenheit and provides protection to exhaust systems against corrosion while also lowering under hood temperatures.

Exhaust coatings help prevent corrosion and rust. Santiam powder coating enjoys customizing the vision in your hands to the reality in your project. When applied to exhaust systems turbo x will remain color stable at exhaust gas temperatures up to 2000 f.

By doing so ceramic coating reduces under hood heat temperatures which will increase horsepower. We can offer custom powder coat with over 6500 different colors state of the art high temperature ceramic coating for exhaust systems high performance internal engine coatings and can source many other coatings based on your specific task at hand. Ceramic coatings are different from traditional powder coating as ceramic coatings are meant to withstand high temperatures as on exhaust systems manifolds or headers.

High temperature ceramic coatings can be applied to an exhaust manifold exhaust header turbocharger casing exhaust system down pipes hot engine components tailpipes finishers or tail trims and any areas where heat is. High temperature coatings are designed to improve the performance of exhaust systems. Turbo x is a silicone ceramic coating designed to be applied primarily to exhaust components.

Since powder coating is not made to stand up to the high heat of exhaust we also have ceramic exhaust coatings suitable for headers tailpipes and mufflers. Number of products to show. By preventing these damaging elements you increase the life of your parts many times over.

1 shot white ceramic 1 quart 120 00. This coating is highly recommended for exhaust components seeing high amounts of heat like turbo housings and turbo manifolds.

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