Powder Coating Color Fading

Powder Coating Color Fading

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Different colours of powder coating can have an impact on the longevity of the paint if your building s exterior has blue or red it will fade significantly more than others. The coating is a polyester grey in color.

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Other factors like bird droppings.

Powder coating color fading. When the powder coat starts to fade there may be evidence of chalking. Chalking is caused by uv light which affects the binder in the powder coat. How to prevent faded powder coating.

Uv rays sun facing sections are faster to fade. On the left we have some materials that have gone through 2 hrs boiling adhesion test in a pressure cooker. Gradual changes in color or fading are primarily due to the color pigments used in the coating.

Color fading in the coatings. Lighter coatings typically are formulated with inorganic pigments these inorganic pigments tend to be duller and weaker in tinting strength but are very stable and not easily broken down by exposure to uv light. Bird droppings can have an impact on the powder coatings much like car body paint bird poo can damage the paint causing it to flake and bubble.

Although it has perfectly good adhesion it is significantly different in color compared with the. We recently received some powder coated materials from a chinese company for one of our projects. Depends on existing colour certain colours fade faster than others.

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