Powder Coating Billet Aluminum

Powder Coating Billet Aluminum

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The crystalline realignment at 410 f causes the previous ductile aluminum to become brittle. Many of you probably know this but if you choose to powder coat billet aluminum you need to pay careful attention to bake temperature.

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Without solvent the coating has to depend on the melt and flow phase of the cure cycle to achieve a smooth finish.

Powder coating billet aluminum. Describes it this way. Powder coatings may be a little less smooth than some liquid coatings due to the fact that the material is almost 100 percent solids. Make sure that whatever powder you are using will set well below 410f so that the part is not adversely effected.

If you get to 410f it will change the structure of the aluminum making it very brittle. Remember it s powder coating and not kryptonite. The aluminum association inc.

Heating aluminum alloys above 275 f causes granular rearrangement of the metallurgical structure resulting in a significant change of bulk properties. Our finishes are done in a powder coat format that protects the billet aluminum from weather oxidation and removes the need to polish for high shine creating a beautiful look with no maintenance required. Aluminum billet material and or alloys change crystal structure at about 410 f.

Being respectful to the environment bor aluminyum fulfills the rosh and reach requirements in its powder coating facility. In our electrostatic powder coating facility painting is carried out with ral colors for aluminum profiles with a maximum length of 11 meters as well as special colors according to customer demands. Aluminum anneals at around 650 f steel anneals at a much higher temperature 1300 f standard powder coatings cure at temperatures that range from 350 f 400 f.

Powder coating aluminum automotive wheels has been done successfully for many years without problems. The time spent at these temps part metal temp averages about 10 20 minutes. Applying powder coating over billet aluminum will not affect the molecular structure of the aluminum.

However if the aluminum is tempered then be sure to check with your metal supplier for the maximum oven temperature you can run before you anneal the aluminum. March performance s billet aluminum pulleys brackets and air cleaners come in a variety of powder coat finishes.

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