Mothers Cmx Ceramic Spray Coating Vs Turtle Wax

Mothers Cmx Ceramic Spray Coating Vs Turtle Wax

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It s so impressive at shedding dirt and grime that many buyers have tried it on other surfaces besides their cars with great results. So i bought this so i don t have to go through the intense process of ceramic coating.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating Vs Mother S Cmx Ceramic Spray Coating Winner Youtube

Mothers cmx ceramic spray coating.

Mothers cmx ceramic spray coating vs turtle wax. This spray comes from the reputed brand mothers which has gained the customers satisfaction with more than 100 of their excellence products in the market. Oz introducing to you an ultra water resistant ceramic coating spray for your car. This spray ceramic car coating seals the finish of your car or truck with the incredible shine water beading hydrophobicity and the long lasting protection of a ceramic car wax in an easy to use spray on wipe off application.

Mothers 01024 cmx ceramic spray coating 24 fl. Mothers cmx ceramic spray coating this ceramic wax product combines silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide to create a super protective coating that effectively repels dirt and water. Turtle wax spray seal and shine vs meguiars hybrid ceramic spray wax and beadmaker mini review so i recently watched pan the organizers video comparison of turtle wax seal and spray meguiars ceramic spray wax and mother s cmx i was blown away by how the turtle wax outlasted the others in the video so i had to try for myself.

Mothers cmx ceramic spray coating is an affordable user friendly ultra durable super hydrophobic protection formula. In this video i do a comparison test between three popular spray on paint sea. I ve tried the regular 9h ceramic coating prior to using the cmx and it worked as advertised but faded away after a month.

Just spray on and wipe off with this game changing sio2 silicon dioxide and tio2 titanium dioxide blend. The 1 selling hybrid solutions ceramic spray coating is the finishing touch to a pro level detailing job right in your driveway. It s like putting on the spray wax after detailing the car.

If you ve read my reviews before you know that the primary molecule responsible for protecting your surfaces and repelling water is silicon dioxide or sio2 which is an ingredient found in mothers spray wax. And i must say i m very pleased with the ease of use with this one. Meguiar s hybrid ceramic wax vs turtle wax ice shine n seal vs mothers cmx.

Together with sio2 mothers cmx ceramic spray coating also contains titanium dioxide tio2 a different molecule with different. Ultimate ceramic spray showdown meguiars mothers cmx chemical guys adams and turtle wax watch this video on youtube the truth is that a nano ceramic coating is much different than your prototypical spray and go ceramic coating spray. Turtle wax hybrid solutions ceramic spray coating.

Turtle wax is another mainstream brand that has been around and competing with the likes of meguiar s.

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