Igl Ceramic Coating Cure Time

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Apply the coating lightly in a 3 x 3 feet area vertically then horizontally ensuring an overlap. As mentioned curing a ceramic coating on a vehicle takes time and as a result the vehicle will need to sit longer if being cured naturally.

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2 hours 5 50 c or 41 122 f.

Igl ceramic coating cure time. Allow ecocoat kenzo base to cure for 2 hours. Place a few drops of ecocoat kenzo top onto a fresh application cloth. Poly is our one year warrantied ceramic coating.

Poly installation requires two layers with a minimum of 2 hours cure time each. Or 15 20 minutes infrared medium wave. The application process usually takes two days to complete.

The ceramic coating increases the surface s resistance against scratches marring and dullness. Igl automotive is the go to ceramic coating for every vehicle based on the latest nanotechnology. Or 1 hour 60 c or 140 f.

Or 15 minutes infrared short wave. Usually the ceramic coating is dry to touch within hours but the full curing process usually takes between 5 to 7 days. The curing time of a ceramic coating depends allot on the amount of catalyst add the formula and the humidity rate of the environment.

As written in the chemical explanation the coating reacts with water at its initial curing stage in order to form the sio2 molecules therefore at the leveling stage of a ceramic coating right after. As the pdms begins to hydrolyze each pdms monomer will bind together to form a longer chain resulting in a thin but rigid protective layer on the surface. It s 100 silica content and eco friendly formula preserves and protects your automotive s exterior and interior while reducing the cost of maintainence.

Full cure 10h hardness. The coating will be ready to be layered as follows. Protects the ceramic coated surface from degradation while preserving the results of a perfect paint correction.

Curing time the applied coating will be ready to be buffed off in 5 10 minutes base coat and 0 5 2 minutes top coat. Buff off the surface after 5 10 minutes or until a small resistance forms. We love using ir because in addition to helping to provide a clean and contaminant free finish it reduces the amount of time that the vehicle needs to sit to cure before we are able to deliver the.

It is best suited for automotive and is applicable to cars bikes bicycles more. Additional layers can be applied but are not necessary for the product to out perform its warranty.

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