How To Improve Powder Coating Quality

How To Improve Powder Coating Quality

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Improving powder coating quality and efficiency posted on january 27 2016 00 28 keeping small parts up to class a automotive standards used to be an expensive proposition for michigan based reliance finishing. Powder coating quality is tested at every step of the process.

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Weight loss is then determined.

How to improve powder coating quality. It is a known fact that systems that use reduced powder velocity and slow gun motion will provide the best coating efficiency with the least effort. Moisture content can cause powder to clag affecting distribution and flow. Through powder manufacture application and coating performance testing is an important part of ensuring powder coating quality control.

A more accurate method is to heat a weighed amount for 15 minutes in a 200 c oven before allowing it to cool in a dessicator. Testing by powder manufacturers is important because once the powder reaches the applicator it cannot be adjusted. Keeping the compressed air supply clean and dry by using a desiccant air dryer and filter can improve finish quality.

Download the following document to help you improve value for money save time and deliver better results when buying powder coated steel materials. Pull the tape off aggressively and look at the tape and the part. The time the powder particle is within the electrostatic field is most easily controlled by adjusting the velocity of the powder pumped through the gun and reducing the speed of the applicator motion.

Download powder coating quality what to look for what are the basic. The rational choice of acceptable quality level and the minor cost to establish it is minor when compared to the cost of replacing defective items. Microencapsulated healing agents for powder coatings.

If a square or two of coating is removed adhesion can be suspect. The most direct method of determining moisture content is by heating a quantity of powder in an oven at 150 c. Pvc significantly greater than that of the standard coating.

Applying a layer of the standard fbe over a first coat of the modified fbe allows for the more optimal standard. Rather a soft even stream of powder emerging from the nozzle allows the powder to pick up the ionic charge from the gun s electrode properly providing the best finish. Such an increase in pvc may compromise coalescence of the powder particles and increase porosity in the coating.

If your coating comes off in a sheet then you have adhesion failure. In the absence of a formal finishing specification one must strive to establish the powder coating acceptable quality level as a guideline for all to judge quality by. For example recommendations to seek warranties and statements of compliance that the powder coating complies with as4506 2005.

An acceptable result will show only a little of the powder coming off from the grid cuts.

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