How To Do Powder Coating On Aluminium

How To Do Powder Coating On Aluminium

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Ground with clamp to clean metal. Refer to the label for specific time to cure as it can be different for various powders.

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We have a five stage pretreatment system that uses an alkaline cleaner rinse iron phosphate and rinse and then finishes with a seal rinse.

How to do powder coating on aluminium. 2 apply powder to the extrusions the technician sprays the powder through an electrostatic spray gun. Connect main box with pressurizes air and set psi to 4 to 5. 3 heat aluminum profiles in the curing oven.

These guns are available from various suppliers and cost as little as 100. With the powder applied place the wheel in the oven making sure that it has been preheated to 400 degrees f. Connect the gun to the powder container and the powder container to the main box.

Apply the powder to the object to be powder coated. Plug main box into electrical socket. We are a job shop that powder coats both steel and aluminum.

This is done using a gun or compressed air sprayer which electrostatically charges the powder material so that it sticks to the grounded base metal object receiving the coating. We want to be able to take on any job but we have had some failures with coating aluminum parts that are used for outdoor products. The powder i purchased from the techshop took about 18 20 minutes total to cure.

The positive charge makes the powder bond with an electrically grounded extrusion. Install your tip and nozzle on the powder gun.

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