How To Apply Ceramic Coating Reddit

How To Apply Ceramic Coating Reddit

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The things i see to consider are as well if you do do it. This can vary from product to product 1 2 days and during this time it is.

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The word ceramic is just a buzzword.

How to apply ceramic coating reddit. I m not sure why you re being down voted. Some ceramic coatings made for paint can affect the glossy of the ppf. Ceramic coatings are a sealant they re just a little bit harder and more evenly suspended in the solution.

What is the temperature climate like where you live when do you plan to apply it. Ceramic sealants cost roughly 50 100 for a whole car in materials cost. Learn how to apply a ceramic coating to your car.

As you may or may not already know ceramic coating as a cure time. It s not the hardness of the ceramic coating that helps prevent marring it s the slickness. Its the actual chemical sealant you re concerned about so check long term reviews of any ceramic coating product.

Ceramic coating is a real challenge. Like teflon was many years ago just because it s in it doesn t mean it does anything. Coatings are much easier than people make them out to be.

Anything called a sealant does essentially the same type of things. I would recommend ceramic coatings on ppf. This will help preserve your towels so you don t have to throw them away after removing the coating.

Also to add all the other benefits of ceramic coatings ease of cleaning hydrophobicity etc. I love the thought of it being more resistant to scratches and easier to maintain being a truck taken on many hunting trips but my only concern is when they say they last. I m sure after a few panels you ll get the hang of what you re doing and have little to no issues.

It is always advised to apply a ceramic coating indoors in a controlled environment where there is no risk of a swing in temperature or a rain shower during the application of the coating. Can you leave it indoors for the first 24 48hrs. Question about reapplying ceramic coating i m debating on whether or not i want to do a ceramic coat rather than my typical sealant after i do a paint correction here soon.

Ceramic sealants require less work to apply than traditional sealants. In this video i show you all the steps needed to properly prepare your car s paint and how to protect you. Will you have time to apply topper and protect it from the elements for the first 7 days.

Typically they provide a higher level of gloss than traditional sealants.

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