Gta V Premium Edition Download Via Old Repack Data + Social Club Account Creation – Pro HD Gamer

Gta V Premium Edition Download Via Old Repack Data + Social Club Account Creation – Pro HD Gamer

Welcome to Pro HD Gamer Youtube Channel. Have a Nice Day today i’m going to teach you yesterday Grand Theft Auto 5 Was Given Free by Epic Games Store. It’s a problem for many peoples, because game size is 90GB, they have to download it It is hard to download 90 gigabytes. although game is free its is difficult to download normally 90 gigabytes it’s very defficult. also epic games store has limited the download bandwidth epic games store has reduced their website bandwidth they got uncontrollable traffic.

So they reduced their website bandwidth so i think i’m going teach you if you have old backup of GTA V game or repack of game you will need only download a rest of data to complete full game.

ok. let’s learn how to do it also i will teach you how to create rockstar social club account for game launcher. & let’s see how to do it. ok.

i will start the video. hi friends. you need to create rockstar social club accout, it’s very important to play this game i will put it’s download link in description.

Please download & install that software. this is the software that called rockstar game launcher.

you will also need to create account of this software. i will teach you to how to do it sometimes it’s get much time to loading this. ok friends. this is the software. if you don’t have account of this software please click this to create new account ok.

put tick on this. now you have to fill this form. i will teach you how to do it. ok friends. in this form you have to enter your email.

please enter your email twice to confirm your email. put a password. please make a strong password for your account put a nickname to your account. you can use symble like underscore as i used.

Select your birthday from this section.

put a tick to agree terms & Conditions you have to prove you are a human. so verify this. this is very difficult to verify. then click next button i got this verification again. it’s very difficult to verify this.

it’s ok. i will click next button. in this section, you can find profile visibility. you can select only me if you don’t want to put your profile as a public. now click create account button.

ok. now you need to verify your email now i’m going to verify my email. it’s very easy i will click this link to verify my email. ok. now it’s done.

email verified now click check verification to go next step. now we done the work. we have created social club accout ok. let’s see what we have to do. ok friends.

we are going to download game. it’s capacity is nearly 90 gigabytes.

We are not going to download fully. if we have old game backup or repack of game, then we will only download rest of data. we are going to put old game data in game directory.

then we are downloading rest of game data from epic games launcher. if you using latest repack or backup of game, then you will need to download small amout of data. if you using very old repack then you will need to download much data. ok. let’s open the software.

I have already logged in to my epic game account. there is another video about how to create epic games store account & how to add game to your account. if you want to watch it please use link suggestions ok. now i have to install game we have to do something before download this game.

I will show you how to do it.

i’m going to install this game to this folder in L partition in my computer you need to install your old game data or repack to same partition you going to install new game. if you do it, it is very easy to move your old backup file to new game directory. if you install your old backup to another partition you will need much time to move your data files. i’m going to move my old files from here to here. ok let’s get back to launcher.

please click install after click install please select install location from same partition that you have already backup old game file. ok. now you will see how much you need to download. ok. now i’m going to pause this download.

this is the very important thing. you have to completely exit the software that called epic games launcher.

When you are going to exit from this software they are asking ‘ this will cancel you install. do you need to do this? ” it’s not a problem.

you have to exit program ok. now you have to cut & paste your old game data to new installation location i didn’t spend much time to move this. because i installed my old game data to same partition that i installed new game. ok. lets get back to epic games launcher software now i’m going to open this software again.

now you have to start download again. click resume button to start download. after i click resume, you will see they are telling ” plase wait ” if you seen link this “verifying” then you work is ok. now it’s need to reach 100%. it will take 10-15min to complete this.

Ok. Let’s see what happen after this done. You can find here if you need to find how much do you need to download this is speed of verification old games files. you will not take much time if you install game on ssd. if you on ssd it will take only 5 min.

but i installed this to normal hard disk. ok. we have to wait until this reach 100% ok. now it’s going to finish. now it’s 94%.

if you have to download another data you can seen here i got this files from steam backup.

So i don’t need download any other files. if you seen some amout of gigabytes here, you will need to download it from this. now it’s reached to 98% normally i spent 8-10 min to complete this. now verification is completed.

sometimes you will need to download another 5-10 gigabytes if you have old backup of old repack ok. all finished. also game has installed. there is shortcut in the desktop now we have to launch game.

At this time i have already installed rockstar game launcher.

i have already teach how to create account in rockstar game launcher. ok. i have already opened this software. you will need to link your epic games account with rockstar game launcher. please click link account to do it.

then it will link rockstar socialclub account & epic games store account. you can save you game save file in cloud. if you need to do it please click enable cloud saves if you save on clouds, you can access it from anywhere of world.

ok. now game has started.

if you need to play online version of gta v, please allow this one. now game is working. now you can play this game. ok. i’m going to stop this video, i will bring video about this game in future how to create online character if you need to delete online character how to do it like that.

ok. thanks for watch this video. thank you very much. please subscribe this channel & share this video with your friends. 🙂 .

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