Does Ceramic Coating Help With Uv Protection

Does Ceramic Coating Help With Uv Protection

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Ceramic coating owes the bulk of its efficacy to nanoparticles within the paint sealant. All ceramic coatings have designed with specific characteristics such as hardness hydrophobicity and durability.

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Uv protection and preservation if you re not familiar with ceramic coating it s basically a thick hard wearing ceramic film layer that provides superior scratch resistance uv protection and preservation for the factory clear coat on your vehicle.

Does ceramic coating help with uv protection. Ceramic coating paint protection. Ceramic based sealants are liquid polymers derived from quartz silica and silicone dioxide. In addition ceramic coatings help to prevent color fading caused by uv rays which degrade the pigment in painted surfaces like cars and buildings.

As a relatively newer alternative to the traditional automotive wax ceramic coating provides a higher level of paint protection. Its nano bonding properties are durable enough to withstand twelve months of use giving you everything a professional ceramic coating can offer such as a glossy shine water repellent surface uv protection and contaminant defense.

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