Cost To Powder Coat Mountain Bike Frame

Cost To Powder Coat Mountain Bike Frame

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No need to remove the wheels just leave them attached to the forks swingarm etc. Powdercoating should cost about 150.

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Or if you prefer you can send it to us by your own means and we can pack it up and return it for you for 30.

Cost to powder coat mountain bike frame. Then they re build the bike. Painting cost 150 the re build well it was time for a tune up and true the wheels anyway so it s part of that. May 11 2009 at 12 20 quote.

Leave as much assembled as possible. I had it powder coated flat black with 10 gloss and then i put. Be careful to make sure that any rubber or plastic is removed as these will not withstand the stripping and powder coating process please also clean off any grease or excessive dirt.

A 125 should take about 2 hours to strip to the frame. Decals supplied must be compatible for 2 pack finishing. This will require a protective 2 pack lacquer to be applied and the costs start at 75 00 plus vat.

Collection and redelivery once the job is finished cost 50. We do offer a collection and delivery service. Seems to be quite a few places around bournemouth where i.

Chemical stripping the first step is chemical stripping in a non aggressive benzyl alcohol stripping chemical which. Got 2 nice old 531 road bike frames hanging in the shed not dented put tatty paintwork been meaning to build them up again for ages. Well i had my frame powder coated and i really like it you can check the pic s on my page.

So if you have a bike that fits really well and you have kept it mechanically sound but the scratches and dings have got you bummed out have a look at getting your frame powder coated. Powder coating has emerged over the past few decades and uses an electrostatic charge like the one that makes a cat s hair stand on end when you pet it to attract particles of a powder to the object to be painted. Prior to delivering your frames remove wheels fittings bearings etc.

Cool colour chrome base with bronze metallic finish coat. Took my bike to a local powder coaters last week to sort out the tatty paintwork. How expensive is it to powder coat an old bike frame.

Decals can be fitted if supplied by the client. All you have to do is pack your frame up in a box and give us a ring on 01274 583221 and we ll do the rest. Im going to restore my old beach cruiser and give to my wife as a gift.

The powder is sprayed on. The powder is the consistency of flour. Useless w nkers have done a lovely job without the obvious hinderance of having to mask any of the threaded or.

Granted 150 200 is a substantial amount of money and completelydisassemblingthe bike is a chore but it is 1 10th or less of the cost of a new mountain bike. Same goes for the handlebars shock etc. Im curious if i should do a nice spray paint job or have it powder.

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