Ceramic Spray Coating Vs Ceramic Wet Wax

Ceramic Spray Coating Vs Ceramic Wet Wax

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Turtle wax ice seal n shine vs ceramic spray coating. Due to the unique formulation a ceramic boost spray is a coating that can layer similar with car wax.

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Turtle wax hybrid solutions ceramic spray coating.

Ceramic spray coating vs ceramic wet wax. In this video i do a battle and torture test between the new turtle wax. Hocossy 9h nano ceramic coating ceramic spray coating the nano ceramic coating by hocossy has a superhydrophobic anti scratch guard supported by its 9h hardness. You ll also find hybrid sprays like mothers cmx that contain a blend of sio2 and tio2 or titanium dioxide.

The main benefit is that the ceramic wax can last much longer than a traditional car wax and they typically only cost anywhere from 15 to 30 per bottle. If the product contains spray wax it really doesn t work that well. As a relatively newer alternative to the traditional automotive wax ceramic coating provides a higher level of paint protection.

Meguiar s hybrid ceramic spray wax vs mothers cmx ceramic spray coating. Ceramic coating technology has taken the detailing game by storm. If you re using jay s sio2 based ceramic coating radiant application is similar to using a detailing spray.

Some of these products are hybrids of sio2 and synthetic spray wax. After your car is thoroughly cleaned you just need to spray the ceramic wax onto your car and buff it out. Again work in a shaded area then mist the panel with a few sprays of radiant.

The sio2 percentage is so concentrated that it simply doesn t stick on top of the hard coating. With a soft microfiber towel distribute radiant across the entire panel then flip the towel to a dry side and buff to a beautiful shine. Shine get access to exclusive videos that i don t release to t.

It shields the surface of the car from damages with its car polish liquid which allows you to clean and protect your surface against stains water drops scratches acid rain glazing. Although it can take up to 24 hours to cure unlike a normal carnauba wax. Turtle wax is another mainstream brand that has been around and competing with the likes of meguiar s and mothers for your hard earned car.

Contrary to popular myth a nano coating like armor shield ix does not layer on top of itself. Ceramic based sealants are liquid polymers derived from quartz silica and silicone dioxide. The video you have all been waiting for the new turtle wax ceramic spray coating vs seal n.

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