Ceramic Pro Coating Car Wash

Ceramic Pro Coating Car Wash

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It is important you do not expose the vehicle to water for up to 48 hours after installation do not wash your car for 2 weeks after installation. Even though most ceramic coatings will dry almost instantly they still need time to fully cure so harden and give off its maximal gloss shine.

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For the hand wash method start with rinsing the car using water to remove any surface dirt and debris.

Ceramic pro coating car wash. These high quality materials can be applied to car s paint headlight covers and in the case of ceramic coatings. You must give both paint protection film and ceramic coating some time to completely cure on the vehicle. Do not wash your car within 7 days of application.

681 followers construction company. Protect your ceramic coated car with ceramic pro care. Always go to a touch free wash.

506 followers cause. Once your car is clean smooth and shiny and that ceramic pro 9h coating is fully cured the time to protect it is right. Having a high quality paint protection solution like ceramic pro 9h nano ceramic coating or kavaca paint protection film is a great way of keeping your vehicle surface clean free of damage and in original factory condition.

There are a variety of touchless hand wash or rinse less methods that are popular to maintain the coating. Ceramic pro 9h takes up to 2 weeks to achieve full hardness. To help avoid this using a car shampoo for ceramic coatings that have high suds producing qualities.

Ceramic pro care is the recommended maintenance and aftercare product. Ask your local installer about purchasing ceramic pro care during your visit. After the ceramic pro has been applied to your vehicle it is critical to follow these notes to make sure it performs to it s best ability the curing process takes about 2 3 weeks to complete and reach it s peak strength.

4 tips for using ceramic coating car wash shampoos. The extra thick suds serve as a lubricant helping to glide the soap and wash mitt over the surface remove more dirt and debris and ensure a great car wash. Pages businesses automotive aircraft boat automotive service car wash yasine car wash videos ceramic pro coating.

Washing can interfere with the curing process. Using an automated car wash with brushes will void the warranty and dull the coating. Ceramic pro care is a water based easy to use coating enhancement that is designed to be user friendly that anybody can use to protect their own ceramic coating.

Most professional detailers and installers of a ceramic coat or a paint sealant recommend using the two bucket method of car washing. Related pages see all. One of the easiest ways to maintain a ceramic coating is a three step process of wash maintain rejuvenate.

The car wash for ceramic coatings the first thing that s involved is a good old fashioned car wash by hand.

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