Ceramic Pro 9h Vs Gtechniq Crystal Serum

Ceramic Pro 9h Vs Gtechniq Crystal Serum

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A mohs hardness scale measures the relative scratch resistance of different minerals against ten reference minerals. Find someone doing opti coat pro cquartz finest modesta gyeon quartz crystal serum ultra etc and support a company that s not a complete marketing scam.

Ceramic Pro Vs Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra How They Compare

Tree sap tar water spots and other paint contaminants will be a breeze to remove.

Ceramic pro 9h vs gtechniq crystal serum. Check it out 2. The 9h optically clear ceramic layer formed by gtechniq crystal serum light prevents bonded contaminants from getting a hold in your paint. Gtechniq crystal serum ceramic coating.

Some have similar qualities and focus on the same protections for your vehicle but there are a few differences between products that could make one the better decision for your vehicle over the other. Gtechniq crystal serum light is chemically set up to withstand the long haul. It s the best ceramic coating for cars that s long lasting and has the added benefit of being usable on other surfaces such as plastic trim wheels and exhausts.

There are many different ceramic technologies that have come onto the market within the past few years. The gtechniq crystal serum ultra has a mohs hardness scale rating of 10h while ceramic pro claims that it is rated 9h. Gtechniq available to consumer has crystal serum light which is 80 as strong as their pro version.

Gtechniq are well known for producing high quality detailing products and crystal serum light formula is a great example. As far as i m aware cquartz uk has. We ll use this for the 9h layer.

If we were to compare this to ceramic pro csl is close enough to 9h and exo would be considered ceramic pro s light. Gtechniq does not offer a lifetime warranty but crystal serum ultra does come with a 9 year guarantee. Whilst coatings such as c1 crystal lacquer crystal serum light and crystal serum ultra have class leading abrasion resistance there is a limit to the amount of resistance a 1 micron layer of hard ceramic can offer to hedges automatic car washes or contaminants in wash mitts.

You need at least 25 or more layers for ceramic pro to be worth it. A single coat of ceramic pro runs at around the 2 micron mark and you can add another 2 microns for each subsequent coat my car has two coats on most surfaces but three on the surfaces that get typically are subject to more abrasion over time front bumper external mirrors bonnet and front fender panels. Unlike traditional wax and paint sealants.

Gtechniq also has exo a hydorphobic top layer to that. Ceramic pro s gold package offers a lifetime warranty provided you maintain the coating according to their standards and have it inspected annually by an authorized installer. Third ceramic pro offers a lifetime warranty at their highest level application.

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