Ceramic Pro 9h Vs Cquartz

Ceramic Pro 9h Vs Cquartz

The ceramic pro contains si02 ceramic resin based formula which aids in the amazing wet look of the car paint. He kept the car 8 days and applied 10 coats.

Cquartz Uk 3 0 30ml Kit Sky S The Limit Car Care

The ceramic pro is slightly cheaper.

Ceramic pro 9h vs cquartz. Both w 2 year warranties but as mentioned the warranty is probably bs. Ceramic pro comes with a complete package so that justifies the price. Jul 08 2015 ceramic pro 9h vs cquartz finest ceramic pro or c queartz ceramic pro vs cquartz comparing cquatrz to ceramic pro cquartz finest vs ceramic pro cquartz vs ceramic pro cquartzuk vs ceramic pro is c quartz better than ceramic pro 9h.

It provides a 9h hardness veneer. It also has better hydrophobic properties relative to the ceramic pro coating. I can only write about ceramic pro 9h.

Aneil ceramic car coating kit. Certain xenforo add ons by waindigo 2011 2014 waindigo enterprises ltd. A single coat of ceramic pro runs at around the 2 micron mark and you can add another 2 microns for each subsequent coat my car has two coats on most surfaces but three on the surfaces that get typically are subject to more abrasion over time front bumper external mirrors bonnet and front fender panels.

Included with the ceramic car coating kit is an applicator 30 ml bottle of the formula and a microfiber. However it still able to compete with the premium options with a 9h hardness rating and a 3 year durability. It also is more effective in controlling scuff marks etching and swirl marks on the paint s.

The aneil 9h ceramic coating is a popular formula due to it being one of the cheapest available. Igl coating forms a harder layer and provides superior paint protection than the san diego ceramic pro. I took my car as soon as i got it to a detailer specializing in that coating.

The price for the cquartz finest and ceramic pro light are somewhat similar. He treated the chrome 21 gray wheels and glass as well. The igl coating provides higher gloss compared to ceramic pro 9h.

There s a third option for ceramic pro 9h followed by a coat of light w a 5 year warranty but this is probably overkill. In terms of looks cquartz finest and the modesta line are world renowned for their luster and gloss. The carpro cquartz 50 ml kit is one of the few ceramic coating products for cars that can give the avalon king armor shield ix diy kit a run for its money as the best ceramic coating product in.

Cquartz vs ceramic pro.

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