Ceramic Coating Vs Rain

Ceramic Coating Vs Rain

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The best car coating. In my experience leaving dirt and grime on a coating for a long period of time makes it harder to clean.

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The term ceramic coating is one of many designations given to lacquer protective coatings for cars.

Ceramic coating vs rain. In this video i test the effectiveness of a ceramic pro 9h coating on a windshield. Whether it s chips scratches rust or even acid rain your car is protected from all these elements with the nano bond ceramic coating car care kit. Repel rain mud and dirt.

It all seems to mean the same thing but there is a difference. Ceramic coatings are meant for people who don t take care of their cars. The bond between a ceramic coating and your paint is strong enough to stand up to towels and light abrasions far better than conventional wax but if you run your coated car through a dirty.

There are many benefits of using ceramic coating on your car which i m not going to cover in this post as i have discussed the topic at length in a post i did a little while back. Below for every kind an explanation. Unlike wax or factory paint the ceramic coating does a better job of protecting the exterior of the car.

Unlike other ceramic coatings for cars the nasiol zr53 ceramic coating is a nanotechnology based coating product which has been formulated to bond chemically with all kinds of car paints. The truth is the exact opposite. Benefits of ceramic coating for cars.

I show the difference between an non coated audi q5 and a ceramic pro coa. Throw in the ceramic coating spray booster and the waterless wash with sio2 and you really complicate the car care world. Despite their high levels of protection the reality is that ceramic coatings just don t like getting overly dirty.

With only a single coat this product stays on your car and protects its surface for up to three years with little to no maintenance needed. There are many other terms to indicate a coating which creates a lot of confusion in the market. The truth is that a nano ceramic coating is much different than your prototypical spray and go ceramic coating spray.

Ceramic coatings have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last number of years in the detailing world and for good reason.


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