Ceramic Coating Vs Ppf Coating

Ceramic Coating Vs Ppf Coating

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Eventually the high end performance car industry began using ppf and now it s used in the consumer market to protect cars from rock chips scratches and contaminants. Here s how it works.

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Both ppf and ceramic coatings provide an invisible finish if you so desire.

Ceramic coating vs ppf coating. It has high elasticity can be easily coloured. And while both serve the same purpose which is to preserve protect the paint on your vehicle keeping it. When you combine the two you receive the rock chip and debris protection attributes of a ppf with the longevity strength and hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating.

June 21 2019 updated on december 13 2020 if you re looking for superior protection for your new car paint surface ceramic coatings or paint protection film is a clear choice. Ceramic coating 9 teflon coating 5 according to the criteria that we set up ppf takes the first spot and should be the first choice if you are considering getting one of the three options. Both ppf and ceramic coatings will keep your paint looking brand new for years.

Paint protection film 11. Paint protection film vs. Paint protection film is applied first to the portions of your vehicle that will be most susceptible to rock chips or scratches from road debris.

Ceramic coatings paint protection film ppf is a clear film that was originally developed to protect military vehicles. And if you have the money to spend using ceramic coating on top of a ppf will give you the best of both worlds. Ppf is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane this makes ppf strong and highly abrasion radiation and oil resistant.

Ppf can also self heal ceramic coating does not have this ability therefore not eliminating the risk of scratches chips or water spots. Ceramic coatings most folks are really interested in what makes them different. Firstly paint protection film is much thicker than ceramic coating.

If you d like to explore this topic more in depth click this link to read our detailed blog. Ceramic pro 9h nano ceramic coating can be applied on top of a paint protection film like kavaca. The dynamic duo of paint protection film and a ceramic coating is the ultimate form of invisible protection you can purchase for your car.

When comparing ppf vs. Ceramic coat ceramic coating is made of silicon dioxide is a component that enhances the shine of the surface it is used on. Ppf is 8mil or 8 thousandths of an inch whereas ceramic coating is about 10 20 microns thick aka under paper thin.

How ppf is different from a ceramic coating. This is the very reason why auto detailers highly recommend ceramic coating. Ceramic coating vs on top of paint protection film ppf by tim c.

What is the difference between paint protection film and a ceramic coating that s a great question and one we often get asked here at ss customs because the two are so similar oftentimes people aren t sure which one they should have installed on their vehicle. Ppf vs ceramic coating.

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