Ceramic Coating Safe Wheel Cleaner

Ceramic Coating Safe Wheel Cleaner

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Not only are they ph neutral but since they contain si02 they will also act as a top up protective later for your ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can be applied to both new and old wheels.

Carbon Flex Vitalize Quick Detail Spray Sealant Ceramic Coating Booster

Ceramic pro wheel caliper.

Ceramic coating safe wheel cleaner. Wheel cleaner for ceramic pro coated rims. Removing and cleaning the wheels. Use a towel to clean behind the spokes and a detail brush to clean your callipers and wheel nut holes.

Here is how we protect used wheels against environmental hazards and contaminants. I have a customer who had his whole car including wheels ceramic coated with gtechniq. Not only will they be protected by 9h hardness but also with the hydrophobic and anti graffiti effects of this advanced coating ensuring that they stay cleaner for longer and will be easy to clean.

Never let a wheel cleaner dry on the wheel because it will spot the finish. Sio2 wash shampoos were formulated for the unique cleaning requirements of vehicles that are coated with a paint wheel or glass coatings. While you re working with the brushes the wheel should remain wet.

While you re down there clean the wheel wells a k a. 100 sheepskin wheel cleaning brush 100 metal free sheepskin wheel cleaning brush to remove dirty and dusty of braking roads that couldn t damage the wheel or expensive retainer of the car. Volume available for purchase.

Ceramic coating on old wheels. With dense water absorbability superfine. I always recommend some type si02 infused shampoo for ceramic coated vehicles as these can prolong the life and performance of coatings.

In the end all the wheels are protected by using this coating packed in a box and dispatched to be distributed in the markets. The water and wheel cleaner help loosen grime but they also lubricate the wheel surface to prevent scratching. Im familiar with cleaning ceramic coated paint but never wheels.

Whatever car wash that s in my foam gun has always worked 100 fine for me and has the added benefit of being 100 safe for the wheel coatings and painted calipers. I normally use megs wheel brightener diluted 4 1. Rinse off loose dirt from arches and wheels with high pressure hose or pressure washer then clean them with your wheel brushes and shampoo or fall out remover as this can provide a deeper clean but still completely safe on coatings.

Products such as carpro reset are specifically designed to be used with coatings and provide gentle cleaning action which is safe for your protection. 1 point 1 month ago. Would this be safe on ceramic coating.

I also have ironx that i could use if needed but want to avoid the expensive stuff unless necessary.

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