Ceramic Coating Maintenance Instructions

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Instructions

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Should be removed as soon as possible to avoid temporary staining or hardening on the coating. Do not use aggressive force or aggressive chemicals.

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This will help to maintain and protect the coating.

Ceramic coating maintenance instructions. For the best results use only recommended products and follow these steps every two to three months. Depending on the type of product you use the maintenance that is recommended by that company will vary. Pull your car into a shaded area.

This entails having 1 bucket of fresh water and 1 bucket of soapy water soap must not have any waxes or protectants in the soap. Never use excessive force to remove spots. Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove surface contamination.

In the information below we ll break down a few of the reasons why routine service will help extend the lifespan and improve the brilliance of your paint shine. Pre rinse entire vehicle with water. Utilize the 2 bucket method.

Hand wash vehicle using only a ph neutral car wash soap car wash soap provided by e g. Bird droppings tar sap etc. Automotive detail or any ph neutral car soap avoid automated car washing services that use brushes and or spinning cloth pieces.

Furthermore be sure to keep aggressive chemicals like bug and tar removers off your film or coating. Spray the car with a specialized ceramic coating maintenance spray. Use a maintenance spray or silicon dioxide spray sealant to seal and rejuvenate the coating.

However there are some general maintenance steps that apply to most ceramic coatings. You can use a soft microfiber towel to wipe the sealant on the coating. These can cause damage and shorten the lifespan of either product.

The car wash for ceramic coatings. While a diy nano ceramic coating is superman like strong when it cures it does require some routine maintenance and care. To maximize the effects of paint protection film and ceramic pro simple maintenance is required to properly treat and support the treatment.

5 tips for maintaining your ceramic coating. Make sure to spray in easily forgotten areas such as behind the wheel arches. After a regular wash spray down the entirety of a car liberally with the maintenance spray.

So you need to well maintain for long lasting. Just follow these simple guidelines and instructions and your ceramic coating will never fail prematurely. The strong intermolecular bonding that results from a ceramic coating means that when dents are repaired the ceramic coating will not be damaged since it is bonded to the paint.

The first thing that s involved is a good old fashioned car wash by hand. The flexibility of the ceramic coating ensures it will not crack or peel. To properly care for your newly coated vehicle with ceramic pro please follow the simple instructions below.

Always be gentle with film and coatings just like you d be gentle with factory paint. Protective wraps coatings are designed to protect and preserve your vehicle s value. Car coatings are not permanent.

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