Ceramic Coating Cost For Elite I20

Ceramic Coating Cost For Elite I20

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Rs 25 000 for 1 year. It is recommended for hyundai elite i20 owners to bring their cars to the hyundai service centres.

Brand New Hyundai I20 Opts For A Super Smooth Experience The World Class Nano Ceramic Coating 9h Ldc Pro Covers It All Ri Car Ceramic Coating Car Detailing

A professional ceramic coating makes the car shine protection from minor scratches swirl marks.

Ceramic coating cost for elite i20. Hyundai elite i20 service interval and estimated cost. Hyundai elite i20 3m under chassis coating for anti rust price of hyundai elite i20 3m under chassis coating for anti rust cost of hyundai elite i20 3m under chassis coating for anti rust accessory. A single panel on your elite i20 takes around 24 hours start to finish due to the elaborative procedures involved.

It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle s paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants. This is an alternative to ceramic coating as product offered by 3m. Ceramic pro nano polishing 8 layer of ceramic pro 9h 1 layer of ceramic pro light 2 layer of ceramic pro rain all glasses 6 layer of ceramic pro plastic exterior 5 layer of ceramic pro 9h on alloys 1 layer of wheel caliper on caliper ir lights micro fiber towel 3 nos.

Rs 45 000 for 2 year. A full car body denting and painting for elite i20 can take around 7 8 days depending on the repairs required on the car. The process also requires further rubbing polishing and buffing.

Ceramic pro 9h forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. Ceramic pro 9h can only be removed by abrasion. See the price image and description of hyundai elite i20 car 3m under chassis coating for anti rust.

Elite i20 xcent i20 active. Product vendor medium segment cars rs paint protection uv 3m elvi bardahl wuerth horizon 564. Silencer coating 3m elvi bardahl horizon 1150 rodent repellent 3m elvi bardahl horizon 800 egr cleaner elvi bardahl horizon.

And hyundai will not charge labour fee for the first three services of the hyundai elite i20. Upon purchasing the hyundai elite i20 the customers will be offered with an up to 5 year warranty. In terms of costs varies according to car size but for a car like kia seltos costs.

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