Ceramic Coating Compared To Wax

Ceramic Coating Compared To Wax

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In terms of durability they far. What is a ceramic coating and why is it better than traditional wax.

Ceramic Coating Vs Car Wax Car Wax Car Ceramic Coating

Ceramic based sealants are liquid polymers derived from quartz silica and silicone dioxide.

Ceramic coating compared to wax. However when you switch from regular wax to ceramic coating you can save yourself both time and effort. Greg is the perfect example to illustrate this comparison. Many boat owners are making the switch to ceramic coatings to protect there boats but it is important to understand the cost comparison and benefits of ceramic coatings vs traditional wax.

Beading marvellous provides a natural high gloss protective finish thanks to its carnauba wax content. Wax combines the ease of traditional wax with slickness of ceramic coating. It is impossible to remove these coatings using pressure washers or paint cleaners.

In reality carnauba wax is a minor component in most paste and liquid car waxes due to the cost of the wax in its purified form. Paste wax marketing from the mid 1960 s through the 1980 s gave car owners the impression that carnauba paste wax was the only way to truly protect your car. Compared to car wax that gets dull with time the ceramic coating offers your car a long lasting shiny finish that won t get fade even if your car is standing under direct sunlight all day.

Protect your vehicle s exterior surfaces. Ceramic coating technology has taken the detailing game by storm. Ceramic coatings actually penetrate into the pores of the surface allowing for the longevity durability and deeper gloss.

Ceramic coating lasts far longer than wax it can give you months of protection keeping your car safe from harmful dirt water and contaminants for as long as a year. Includes ceramic coating hyperwax hydrosuds shampoo 2 microfiber applicators and 3 microfiber towels. As a relatively newer alternative to the traditional automotive wax ceramic coating provides a higher level of paint protection.

This coating last for a longer period of time unlike car wax which needs to be. Ceramic coatings are permanent last significantly longer more durable and deliver a deeper shine then any product has in the past. With ceramic coating you can get showroom like shine for your car that is difficult to get with car wax.

The pros of ceramic coatings ceramic coatings on the other hand are man made and were developed from nanotechnologies used for space shuttles due to their heat insulation and anti corrosion properties. Greg owns a 2004 32 regulator with a dark blue hull. In the end it s easiest to think about wax and ceramic coatings as two different roads that lead to the same destination.

They are different materials that perform the same task. Duration of nano ceramic coating. Plus ceramic based protectants are so slick that once they cure the wax will have trouble adhering to the surface anyway.

The nano ceramic technology offers more strong protection and resistance to uv light harsh weather scratches grits sand and bird droppings.

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