Ceramic Coating Before Or After Ppf

Ceramic Coating Before Or After Ppf

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I would also say ppf is more important than ceramic coating. For those who are not aware ppf is a thin and uses a unique adhesive substance that bonds solidly to the substrate.


You ll have to ask the ppf manufacturer for clarity on this though.

Ceramic coating before or after ppf. Since a ceramic coating does not protect against this kind of damage it s important to apply paint protection film to these areas. In fact most paint protection film customers opt to use this type of protective coating on the clear coat of vehicle s paint vs a ceramic coating traditional carnauba wax or paint sealants due to its safe application. However you can always get the ceramic a while after the ppf.

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic so they stay clean longer because water just falls right off. It would not be advised to get ppf over top of a ceramic coating to begin with so i personally would start with ppf. In a previous post i indicated my full satisfaction after 14 months with the ppf and ceramic coating i had installed immediately after taking delivery.

Once the most vulnerable areas are protected with paint protection film your whole car receives a ceramic coating. Makes it easier to clean off bug splatter bird poop and other sticky contaminants. There is also a noticeable absence of the swirls and micro scrathches i typically saw on all my previous cars but i have also been mostly religious in hand washing it with clean microfiber.

It is also what helps a ceramic coating like ceramic pro to bond on top of the ppf. Some self healing ppf s are topped with an elastomeric polymer that helps the material maintain its natural shape once it has been stretched or applied. The ceramic will help with keeping the vehicle cleaner and slight resistance from swirls.

Sure in most cases a ceramic coating application is done on top of a ppf but it should be able to apply a ppf on top of a ceramic coated vehicle. This often includes the front bumper hood fenders side mirrors rocker panels and rear wheel arch. Here are the main reasons some of our clients opt to get a ceramic coating applied over top of their ppf.

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