Ceramic Coat Or Clear Bra First

Ceramic Coat Or Clear Bra First

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It measures 0 5 mils 0 0132mm and acts as the surface layer of the ppf. What is a ceramic coating.

Paint Protective Films Can Protect Your Car From Rocks And Save Your Paintjob Hot Rod Network Car Paint Protection Painting

The biggest benefits that clear bra has over ceramic coatings are that ppf will prevent damage from flying debris and rocks and clear bra in most cases has a self healing top coat so minor scratching and marring will heal over time or by adding heat.

Ceramic coat or clear bra first. Looking to ceramic coat or clear bra your car. However most clear bra brands have an expected longevity of five years. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle.

Applying a professional ceramic coating on top of a clear bra is the ultimate shield of protection and can be supported by a lifetime warranty. In fact if a car was previously coated we need to actually somewhat remove the coating before paint protection film can be applied to ensure proper adhesion. I am debating between clear bra or ceramic coating clear bra for full car is around 7k includes paint correction rims exhaust tail pipe ceramic coating 3k includes paint correction all interior rims exhaust tail pipes and will coat the exhaust pipes as well and they claim it is good to 1400 f so it wont matter if it is sprayed on the pipes and under carriage plastics 2 coats.

In this video i discuss why you should use a ceramic coatings combined with a clear bra. It will end up not looking right imho if it isn t done perfectly and depending on the color of your car. Second if the ceramic paint coating is applied first the paint protection film will have a difficult time adhering to the coated panel.

Ceramic pro vs xpel ultimate plus which is better. When you finally are able to purchase that dream car you want it to. Check out this video for the full details on what each will do for your car.

First the ceramic paint coating serves to actually protect the underlying paint protection film and increase the looks and longevity of that product. Which should i choose and why. After application it chemically bonds with the vehicle s factory paint establishing a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface.

This provides the depth and strength of the paint protection film and measures 6 0 mils 0 152mm. The final layer is clearcoat. Ceramic coatings or clear bra paint protection film.

The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating make it harder for contaminants to bond with your car s paint. There are a few other important items to consider when choosing any clear bra material or installation center. Hit this link to sub.

There are several levels of paint protection film or ppf. Ceramic coatings vs c. Finally if i were you and your heart is set on paint protection film first get the whole hood and fenders wrapped so you don t ceramic coat over the line a clear bra will leave on your hood.

It is also what helps a ceramic coating like ceramic pro to bond on top of the ppf.

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