Car Wax Or Ceramic Coating

Car Wax Or Ceramic Coating

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Here at torque detail we recommend applying an even coat of wax monthly for cars that are driven a normal amount and are parked under shade or inside a garage most of the time. The money paid for a quality ceramic coating will be worth it considering the.

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Car wax and ceramic coating s longevity depends on unique factors such as how often you drive where you park your car and other variables that affect your car s paint and clear coat.

Car wax or ceramic coating. Wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint s surface. The strongest ceramic wax is comprised of about 30 percent sio2 or silicon dioxide. They resist heat uv rays environmental contaminants harsh detergents much better than wax.

What is ceramic coating made of. Unlike wax or factory paint the ceramic coating does a better job of protecting the exterior of the car. It is a natural substance from the area of northern brazil that is derived from the leaves of copernicia prunifera palm.

For that you need to wax before ceramic coating. While a ceramic car wax is good at providing added protection it simply doesn t hold a candle to a professional 9h ceramic coating. Which prevents swirl marks better ceramic wax or ceramic coating.

This means that things like sand and other gritty materials will not be able to penetrate it and cause damage. The best car coating product has hydrophobic properties and will make water and rain bead. Using coupon code discount code teamtorque to get 20 off when buying ceramic coating car wax spray or any product on torque detail.

Why is it important to prep a car before coating. While car wax manufacturers suggest reapplying every month the ceramic coating can be applied once and can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The protective layer created by a ceramic coating is much thicker than wax.

Ceramic coatings are put to prevent a vehicle from contaminants debris and many other problems. Highly resistant to contaminants it is highly resistant to natural occurring debris such as mud water acid rain bug splatters and bird droppings. What is car wax.

Unlike car wax which provides a high gloss finish ceramic coating is mostly meant to give your car protection against environmental factors. Ceramic protectants coatings provide a much higher durability than wax. A high quality ceramic coating can help you to make your car scratch resistant.

Ceramic coatings or nano ceramic coatings are made up of chemicals that help bond the liquid to your car s surface. In order to protect itself from the harsh heat of the sun the palm forms carnauba secretion which allows the tree to retain. The most common category of car wax is carnauba wax.

The ceramic spray coating is extremely popular featuring a sio2 and tio2 blend offering long term protection on your car s surface along with relentless water beading.

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