Car Wash Soap For Ceramic Coatings

Car Wash Soap For Ceramic Coatings

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Wring out any excess water from the wash media and then dip in the soap bucket. To help avoid this using a car shampoo for ceramic coatings that have high suds producing qualities.

Benefits Of Car Ceramic Coatings Car Coating Car Wax Ceramic Coating

They re specifically designed not to hurt the surface of your car and gently remove any dirt or build up without chipping the paint or damaging the protective coating.

Car wash soap for ceramic coatings. Dip your wash media in the soap bucket. Regardless of what brand ceramic coating is on your vehicle you can be confident shift will. It s cheap and easy to find.

Make sure you use a car washing detergent many household cleaning products can damage the finish of your ceramic coating so it s best to use a dedicated car detailing wash. Adam s car shampoo amazon is a very common car soap in the detailing world. This soap is the absolute definition of pure as it contains no silicone sodium lauryl sulfate waxes polymers or any other additives making shift simply perfect for washing vehicles protected with ceramic coatings or vehicles with matte paint.

Once you re done with that panel dip the wash mitt in the fresh water and agitate it against the grit guard at the bottom of the freshwater bucket. Fully saturate your wash mitt or cloth then wash one section or panel of your vehicle in a top to bottom left to right pattern. It s also gentle enough to avoid stripping any wax from your car so it s certainly safe to use on your ceramic coating.

While a 9h ceramic coating is strong it can still be scratched through normal car washing. The extra thick suds serve as a lubricant helping to glide the soap and wash mitt over the surface remove more dirt and debris and ensure a great car wash. Griot s garage car wash amazon is my personal favorite if i m going to use a normal soap with a 2 bucket wash.

It works great in foam cannons but it s also a bit on the expensive side. This will remove any dirt on the media.

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