Car Wash After Ceramic Coating

Car Wash After Ceramic Coating

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Do not wash your car within 7 days of application. After the ceramic pro has been applied to your vehicle it is critical to follow these notes to make sure it performs to it s best ability the curing process takes about 2 3 weeks to complete and reach it s peak strength.

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If you know the basic properties of these types of products you will know that once they are applied they will begin to cure and harden.

Car wash after ceramic coating. If your coating is already doing half the cleaning you don t need a heavy duty soap. Even though most ceramic coatings will dry almost instantly they still need time to fully cure so harden and give off its maximal gloss shine. Washing can interfere with the curing process.

Now in detailing it s often said you should always use the least aggressive solution possible to preserve your vehicle s health. It is important you do not expose the vehicle to water for up to 48 hours after installation. Dry the vehicle immediately after washing.

Once you re complete with the washing bring your own microfiber drying towels and immediately dry the car before heading home. The golden rule you should always stick to after a ceramic coating is do not wash your car within 7 days of application. You must give both paint protection film and ceramic coating some time to completely cure on the vehicle.

Beasley s ceramic body wash would make more sense. A gentle wash soap made for nanocoatings like dr. While ceramic pro 9h produces a slippery surface with exceptional hydrophobic properties drying the vehicle via acceleration is never a good idea.

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