Car Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating

Car Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic coating is an alternative for regular wax that protects against chemical stains uv scratches and heat. Ceramic coating is made out of liquid polymer that when applied to your car s exterior creates a bond with the paint to create a permanent protective coating.

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In the paint protection world there are multiple ways of keeping the finish from damage.

Car paint protection film vs ceramic coating. Both ppfs and ceramic coatings offer different protective properties and are able keep your car looking swanky and shiny for longer. That is it returns to its original form after receiving an indentation or abrasion. But in the end the two powerhouse contenders are the titanic match up between paint protection film vs ceramic coatings.

What s better than the feeling of purchasing a new car appreciating the fresh paintwork along with the shimmering exterior. Whether you own a new vette or completed a frame off restoration keeping it clean and free of scratches is every car owner s objective. Ppf though costing slightly more than ceramic coating is a military grade film that greatly enhances your vehicle s resistance to foreign objects something ceramic coating is not capable of.

But as time passes cars naturally lose their shine either covered in watermarks or bleached by the sun. Paint protection film which option is best for you. Ceramic coatings paint protection film ppf is a clear film that was originally developed to protect military vehicles.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of purchasing a new car admiring the fresh paintwork and glossy exterior as it catches the light. It is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicle s paint so it is much more difficult for contaminants to bond with the paint and cause imperfections. Paint protection film vs ceramic coating which is better.

Paint protection film vs. Eventually the high end performance car industry began using ppf and now it s used in the consumer market to protect cars from rock chips scratches and contaminants. Ppf vs ceramic coating.

Paint protection film may also dull the glossiness of your car slightly while a ceramic coating will enhance it. Moreover paint protection film has a chemical composition that allows it to self heal. Ceramic coatings are a much more permanent solution.

What is the difference between paint protection film and a ceramic coating that s a great question and one we often get asked here at ss customs because the two are so similar oftentimes people aren t sure which one they should have installed on their vehicle. If your goal is to protect your vehicle from scratches and rock chips something ceramic coating is not capable of then ppf is what you re looking for. And while both serve the same purpose which is to preserve protect the paint on your vehicle keeping it.

Ceramic coating is a layer of protection applied over car paint to protect the paint and establish a hydrophobic surface. Inevitably cars lose their shine due to natural wear and tear either bleached by the sun or covered in water marks after a few years it s never. Paint protection film is thicker than ceramic coatings.

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