Car Ceramic Coating Liquid

Car Ceramic Coating Liquid

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The best ceramic coating for cars is the migliore strata coating which provides a 12 month protective layer and an extremely glossy finish. Mothers cmx line of ceramic products include this spray coating a wash and coat trim restore and coat a surface prep and a 3 in 1 polish and coat.

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Unless an abrasive polish or compound is used on the paintwork the coating will continue to protect the cars paintwork.

Car ceramic coating liquid. In short a ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that s applied to your paintwork and forms a chemical bond. Epoxy or polymer is a widely used type of ceramic coating that bonds with the factory paint coating of the car. A ceramic coated car is scratch and bullet proof.

Furthermore the ceramic coating has the liquid polymer that indulges with the car paint to provide your car with an unprecedented and long lasting shine. Also referred to as nano coating the best ceramic coatings are chemically bonded to your vehicle s paintwork using innovative technology to provide that just out of the showroom shine and armor like protection for years to come. To make sure that clients are satisfied with our ceramic car coating or liquid glass coating products we must take care not to create false expectations.

Below you can read some so called myths that i ve heard from car owners. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer coating that is applied to a car s exterior. That bond is permanent as the paint and the polymer become one layer that is tougher.

This coating creates a layer of protection that cannot be easily removed or harmed. The chemicals most often used for this nano bond are silicon dioxide silica or sio2 titanium dioxide nano tio2 activated fluorine polysilazane triethanolamine and water. Ceramic coatings or nano ceramic coatings are made up of chemicals that help bond the liquid to your car s surface.

Car owners mostly prefer the coating due to its low maintenance and long lasting shine. One of the most rational reasons why you should go for ceramic coating for your car instead of car waxing is that ceramic coating gives you 10x better protection than car wax. The ceramic spray coating is extremely.

The term ceramic coating ultimately refers to a liquid polymer transparent coating which to cover and protect your vehicle.

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