Car Ceramic Coating How Much

Car Ceramic Coating How Much

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It s bonded to the car s paint to replicate a carbon fiber appearance for much less than real carbon fiber materials. Ceramic pro products will run you anywhere from 500 to 3 000.

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However this is just for the coating itself.

Car ceramic coating how much. It s a custom vehicle wrap in most cases. Most ceramic coating shops will typically charge more due to you owning a dark colored car. Professional grade coating with single stage of paint correction 900.

A quality ceramic coat for your car using products from a reputable brand such as ceramic pro could cost close to 1 000 or more depending on how much additional work has to be done to get. While these numbers may be vague please be aware there could be a plus or minus 1 000 variance easily from the different variables i listed above. The ceramic coating cost for this package depends on various factors such as the size of the vehicle and the preparation work required.

Keeping the paint on your car looking like it just drove out of the garage ceramic coating ultimately aims to protect your vehicle from its environment. The cost of this solid color wrap material can range from 4 00 to 9 00 per foot mainly based on the depth of the carbon fiber look. A typical gold ceramic package could cost you anywhere between 1 500 and 2 000.

Generally this starts at 700 00 for a brand new hatch back just to protect your paint work this can go up depending on the size of your vehicle and if you would also like to protect the wheels glass leather and fabrics. There are so many benefits to applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle including. Whether it is bird droppings tree sap road salt or anything else a ceramic coating will keep it.

Features to consider in good ceramic coating. A dark shaded colored vehicles are intensely harder and add extra time consuming grueling work hours. The traditional packages for applying ceramic coating will include a wash clay bar paint correction and ceramic coating application.

When applying a ceramic paint coating if you do not remove 100 of the excess coating what is left is referred to has a high spot. Consumer grade coating with a single stage of paint correction 450. Depending on your location and who you re paying this could cost anywhere between 250 750 the benefits of ceramic coating a car.

The cost for paint protection can vary depending on the size of your vehicle age and condition. While technically the coating material is higher than the rest of the underlying coating and the paint itself in all practicality what a high spot means is too much leftover product or excess coating. Most of the time pro coated products require paint correction to honor warranties and of course to be completed in house.

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