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– Amazon employees, let's talk about sustainability focused investing within your Amazon 401K. Now, in an order to do this, you have to access BrokerageLink. BrokerageLink is the last option
available within your 401K, something that you have to get set up. We have a whole 'nother video dedicated just to BrokerageLink
within your Amazon 401K. Check out that video, well worth it.

Now, within your 401K lineup, you have exactly one investment option that takes sustainability
or social governance and stuff like that into account. That is the Vanguard FTSE Social Index, a US large cap based fund. Now, when we think about
it investing sustainably within a portfolio and
in a responsible manner, we think of ESG. Environmental, Social
and Governance criteria that we take into account
when evaluating companies that we want to invest in. Now, when we look at ESG, that means looking at things
like carbon emissions, it means looking at energy efficiency, it means taking into account
gender diversity, human rights, labor standards, means
looking at corruption, means looking at board
composition and lobbying practices within companies, all that, again, make up the ESG framework.

So if we wanna invest in
companies that are ESG focused, again we really only have
one option available to us within the Amazon 401K and so what are ways that we can access additional funds that think about ESG, that think about sustainability and not just within the
US, but internationally and within the fixed income or bond investment side of things? By utilizing BrokerageLink, you really open yourself up
to thousands of different additional investment choices,
which happen to include hundreds of socially
responsible funds and ETFs. Now, this gives you the potential to build out a sustainability
focused portfolio that aligns with your core values, takes all these things
that we just talked about into account. Also allows you to
maintain diversification, while not necessarily
compromising returns. I think that one of the big qualms with sustainable investing
back in the day used to be, "Well, it means that I have
to give up big returns," but in the scheme of things, if you look over the
last three to five years, even 10 years, 15 years, these sustainability focused funds have actually done really, really well, even compared to their benchmarks. One example that I like
to look at is, again, within the Amazon 401K, no ESG options on the fixed
income or bond side of things.

Within BrokerageLink, you can access the iShares
ESG Corporate Bond Fund and the Fidelity Sustainable Bond Index. In the US, again, we've got that one option within the 401K, but we can access the
iShares MSCI US ESG fund. We can also tilt towards small cap by utilizing the NuShares
ESG Small Cap ETF and then internationally, the NuShares ESG International
Developed Market ETF and the iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF. Again, these give you additional exposure outside the US and really allow you to create this portfolio
that's sustainability focused, but it's also a fully
diversified portfolio.

We're not just within the US,
we're not just international, we really are investing
in a ESG focused manner all around the globe and on the
fixed income side of things. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I post a lot of information as it relates to Amazon employee benefits. I think I'm supposed to
point over in that direction so you can see that
that's the Lars Phillips that you're looking for and then if you wanna talk more about just incorporating sustainable investments into your Amazon 401K, or even just sustainable
investments in general, please feel free to reach out.

I've included my contact information, I think that's going
to be right down there. Again, I promise that I'm a
real person, I will respond, I will connect with ya. You can also check out our newly created Amazon Employee Benefit Resource page. That's just gonna be On this page, we got a couple more videos. We dive a little further
into BrokerageLink, we talk about how to best
manage your Amazon RSUs, we talk about things like the
mega backdoor Roth conversion available within your 401K,
lot of really good tools there, so please feel free, check that out.

At Avier, really and truly,
we are all about education, so simply reach out and let
us know how we can help ya. Cheers!.